Installation & Setup

There are several alternatives to download Ethermint. Choose your preferred option from below. You will also need Tendermint as a required dependency.

NOTE: Current Ethermint version only runs with Tendermint v.0.14.0 and below.

If you have an existing Tendermint binary you'll have to remove it as well with the init config files:

rm -rf $HOME/.tendermint
rm /usr/local/bin/tendermint

Download Binary

You can download the latest version in the Release page in GitHub. Choose the .zip file for your operating system and copy the binary file in /usr/local/bin folder.

Install with Docker

Download the latest docker image by running:

docker pull tendermint/ethermint

Install with a Package Manager

apt-get install ethermint
brew install ethermint
choco install ethermint

Install from source

You will need golang and Tendermint installed. See the Installing dependencies and the Tendermint's installation section in this Gitbook.

go get -u -d
cd $GOPATH/src/
glide install

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