Testnet Setup

Install Cosmos-SDK on a Digital Ocean Droplet (Recomended)

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lib/go-1.10/bin
export PATH=$PATH:/root/go/bin
bash <(curl -s https://gist.github.com/melekes/1bd57c73646de97c8f6cbe1b780eb822/raw/2447b0fbf95775852c93a91ed3e12631c7ceb648/install.sh)
nohup ./build/gaiad start &

Software Setup

Install GNU Wget:


brew install wget


sudo apt-get install wget

Note: You can check other available options for downloading wget here.

Get Source Code

go get github.com/cosmos/cosmos-sdk

Now we can fetch the correct versions of each dependency by running:

ggmgit fetch --all
git checkout develop
make get_tools // run $ make update_tools if already installed
make get_vendor_deps 
make install
make install_examples

The latest cosmos-sdk should now be installed. Verify that everything is OK by running:

gaiad version

You should see:


And also:

gaiacli version

You should see:


Genesis Setup

Initiliaze gaiad :

gaiad init

You can find the corresponding genesis files here. Then replace the genesis.jsonand config.toml files:

rm $HOME/.gaiad/config/genesis.json $HOME/.gaiad/config/config.toml $HOME/.gaiad/config/addrbook.json

wget -O $HOME/.gaiad/config/genesis.json https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tendermint/testnets/master/gaia-4000/gaia/genesis.json

wget -O $HOME/.gaiad/config/config.toml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tendermint/testnets/master/gaia-4000/gaia/config.toml

Lastly change the moniker string in theconfig.tomlto identify your node.

# A custom human readable name for this node
moniker = "<your_custom_name>"

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